Rock music



Rock music is generally termed as rock and roll music, originated in the United States and is a broad genre of popular music. It is commonly called as a dominant form of popular music. People love rock music than jazz, classical, and other forms of music. It includes electric guitar, bass, drums and along with one or more singers. Like pop music, the singers will also write lyrics based on stress romantic love but often deal with a wide variety of other themes like social and political. Basically, rock music deals with simple tunes and addictive lyrics.

Since rock music is characterized by its strong beat, it uses only electric instruments like electric guitar, electric bass, electric organ, and electric piano. The specialty of rock music is that people who hear those songs will rock the floors and never worry about the surroundings as they forget all their sadness. In general, rock music is a song based on 4/4 time signature that uses verse-chorus form, but the type has become extremely diverse. Rock and roll music goes popular as it is a mixture of country, blues, and jazz with simple tunes and easy song lyrics.