Music is a soul of the universe, wings for the mind to fly in a dream world, flight to the imagination, and a life to every heart that beats with rhythmic sound. It plays an important role in every part and parcel of human’s life. The major habit of music is that when it hit your ears, either it reaches your mind or heart without giving any pain rather it gives you the meaning of happiness. Most of our brain store music lyrics than numbers, alphabets, contacts, etc. The best way to feel the paradise is made by turning up the volume and closing the eyes so that it takes over your soul to the heaven. One can find the real happiness from the music of the song and one can find the real pain from the lyrics of the song.

Music- a part of every soul

Music is a form of art and cultural activity whose medium is sound and air. Every sound we hear is a form of music which travels through air and enters into the heart. There are many musical instruments and vocal techniques ranging from singing to rapping. Many singers by profession are trending across the world especially in pop and rock music concerts. It can be divided into various forms of cultural, country, social context, etc. There are some basic required elements in music like pitch, rhythm, dynamics, sonic qualities, and lot more. Music is also classified as a performing art, fine art, and auditory art that acts as a medicinal therapy for most patients. Most probably people love to hear the latest and trendy music and teens play the major role in attracting the hearts of people. But some people love to hear the old rends as the lyrics bring a real meaning of life. Most teens love plating music as a hobby or work as professional musician or singer.

A music band is a mixture of rock and pop music which consist of the group of members or four in number and each has a particular role in entertaining the audience to get cheered up. The guitar plays an important role among other musical instruments in which most pop or rock singers sing over the stage with it as they feel comfy and less weight to handle or lift. Likewise, a drummer who gives strong beats that vibrates the heart of the audience to overwhelm the song and the background music. A group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music known by a distinct name to create an identity to the world is called popularly as music group or music band.

Talked about music band


Laxula is a musical band website which focuses towards the pop and rock music concerts across the world and has a lot of fan followers for our musical group. Our team consists of a group of members who equally enrolls themselves in different sequences to give a successful launch infront of the audience. The team performs a wide range of music that ranges from jazz, orchestra to military-style marches. We mainly pay attention to the social issues and feelings of love, and relationship in order to create an impact on the audience. Moreover, our team also focus towards the routine issues and problems faced by the people who are fighting for freedom, love, and peace.

Apart from men, women also play a major role in music by profession as many young women are trending in most of the band groups. Apart from singing and playing a music, there are lot more works to do at the back end by the technicians to make their songs hit and popular among the audience. Some used to check the sound and pitch quality, some write lyrics, some play the music with guitar, some take video of the concert, some may do editing, and lot more works were done by the professional technicians. Singers who are about to do a live concert, have to prepare themselves mentally and physically strong to overcome the stage fear and sing loud in front of the audience with fearless and confident.

The secret behind every success


And our professional team had done many Alba hit songs and got a positive outcome from the viewers, right from our first recording. We also launched many hit video songs which make most people rock over the floors that lay the reason for being popular among other music bands. Our Laxula band is a real music ensemble that holds the regular members who perform very well at every music event. We will make our audience to dance with non-stop energy and fun-filled moments all night long. Our team will never make you feel tired and make you continuously dance floor with your friends and beloved ones in order to make you tired-free and stress-free from your routine daily activities. The band had also uploaded many music videos that go viral more million views and positive comments from the audience.

Our standard configuration consists of about four to six performers with a male and female lead, guitarist, trumpet, keyboards, and drums. The band has undergone many live concerts over many stages that make them keep rocking with an excellent voice and background music. Most of our lyrics make people feel energetic and make them stay positive all day long that builds the confidence to perform their works well and perfect. We will also make sure of our audience to know about the volume, balance, and tone of the sound will always deliver a first class experience and will never give a chance to move with a second thought.

Laxula – FAQ

How much do you charge on an average for an event?

We charge around $900 – $10,000 depending upon the band requirement for the event.

What does your band comprise?

We are a team of 5 electric guitar players, 4 electric bass guitar players, 4 drummers, and 6 singers.

Will you accept digital payment?

Yes, we do; you can pay using credit/ debit cards or use net banking to pay.

What is the minimum advance to be paid?

A minimum sum of $300 must be paid to confirm booking for the event.

Will you return the complete amount upon cancellation?

It depends upon the prior intimation before an event. If you cancel before a month we will charge only $10 else $150 will be deducted from advance. On intimation before a week of the event, an advance will not be returned.

Can I book you online?

Yes, you can book us online visiting the book now tab; but digital money transaction must be made to confirm booking.

How can I find your availability?

Check out our Schedule tab to find out our dates free of an event.

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